Monday, January 28, 2008

Commentary: Three-piece suit vs. the guayabera

An open letter to all the U.S. presidential candidates:

With the primary season heating up it’s understandable that you are trying to go the extra mile in appealing to the many different voter groups in this diverse nation of ours. The Latino vote is certainly not an exception to that and one can appreciate most of the efforts you set forth.

However, there is a thin line between endearing yourself to a constituency and shameless pandering:

According to this post, the snapshot of a guayabera-clad Mitt Romney “was taken at a rally in a heavily-Cuban section of Miami-Dade (County)”.

One understands that it’s a very tight race in the Florida primary, and candidates are more prone to risk-taking and possibly underhanded tactics. Yet the above example gives the impression of a candidate far too desperate for attention. It looks tacky, sad, and silly.

Would it be acceptable for Hillary Clinton to travel to Spanish Harlem clad in a Taino nagua? What about John McCain sporting a sombrero and huaraches while in East Los Angeles? How about Barack Obama dressed as a gaucho while visiting Florida’s Argentine-American communities?

Please, dear candidates, refrain from the ethnic wear. Your words and policies are more than sufficient and the ultimate sign of respect.

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Polymathic said...

I'm just itching to see if McCain's swing with the Latino votes beats the pants off Romney, as it did in Florida. So for me personally, I’ll be looking at V-Me’s television coverage of Super Tuesday, which I just learned about here.

Regina said...

Hispanic Pundit comments today on how many Latino bloggers support Obama, while the majority of Latinos support Clinton. Any ideas about what this indicates, if anything?

Erwin C. said...

Thanks for your comment. We'll be sure to mention that blog soon in a post on the latino vote.

Anonymous said...

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