Friday, March 16, 2007

Telenovela in Argentina helps “Dirty War” victim identify her biological background

Sometimes telenovelas can do more than serve as innocent escapism or disguised as educational programming for children. In the case of an Argentine woman a telenovela helped reveal her true identity.

Rebeca Celina- who was a mere eight-months-old when she was separated from her parents in the midst of Argentina's "Dirty War"- had her photograph used in an airing of the hit telenovela “Montecristo” last year. “Montecristo” used real photographs of babies and children; in doing so, a viewer tipped a local human rights group to Celina’s biological family.

“Montecristo” has increased awareness around he country on the delicate issue of children being split from their families during the “Dirty War”. The telenovela has been adapted elsewhere (i.e. Mexico), yet without the deep social impact of the Argentine version.

Links- International Herald Tribune, The Latin Americanist, Telefe, Terra Argentina, Pagina 12, TV Azteca

Image- todo Argentina (1980s march by the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo asking the government to clarify the whereabouts of “disappeared” children)

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