Wednesday, March 21, 2007

John McCain - Beware the ides of socialism in L. America

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain spoke out against several leftist leaders like Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez. In a speech earlier today in Miami (image), McCain warned against the “disturbing” relationship between Morales, Chavez, and ailing Fidel Castro. McCain also promised that his first foreign trip would be to Latin America should he be elected to the presidency.

McCain’s aim behind his trip to South Florida was to court the Cuban American vote which traditionally supports the Republican Party (unlike most Latino voters last year). McCain has the strong support of Florida’s three Cuban American congressmen and he avoided making embarrassing errors in his speech like Mitt Romney did.

Links- CBS4, Guardian UK, UPI, U.S. News and World Report, The Latin Americanist, Wonkette

Image- ABC News


redwood said...

scary stuff.

as I see it, McCain is about the only Western leader with the sort of tough-talk integrity to call Chavez's bluff.

keep your eye on those two Venezuelan funded bases in Bolivia and her desire to reclaim the land lost to Chile. this could get hot.

I was surprised to read that Rudy is the front runner.

When McCain went the extra mile in the 2004 convention against his friend Kerry and for the Bush who played a dispicable race card in South Carolina against McCain, I figured he'd sold his soul to the Republican machine.

Erwin C. said...

On the one hand, McCain has done a fine job to promote the "straight-shooter" image, yet at the same time he has acquiesced to Republican leadership.

By the way, I wonder how the non-Cuban latino community would react to a McCain-Giuliani ticket?