Sunday, March 18, 2007

Belated tunes for the weekend (again!)

Seu Jorge (Image via TV5)

Once again, I’m publishing the weekly music post a few days late, but hopefully you won’t mind based on the theme. You see, there are a number of musicians from Latin America currently on tour in the U.S. and abroad. Each of the following artists fit under this category (with one slight exception). Enjoy!

Note: All music files are MP3s unless otherwise stated.

  • Colombian rockeros Aterciopelados are making a few appearances this month in the U.S. In terms of this weekend, they performed last night in Miami, but they will be performing tonight at S.O.B.’s in New York City. (Anyone have an extra ticket?)
Aterciopelados – El Estuche (MP3 file via Motel de Moka)
  • There’s no other way to say it so let me be blunt- Gilberto Gil kicks ass! The Brazilian music legend has done an extraordinary job as the country’s Minister of Culture where his accomplishments include a campaign to promote hip-hop and spearheading the government’s use of shareware. Gil has decided to take a small break from his job in order to go on a three week tour of North America which began last Thursday in Toronto.
Gilberto Gil – Bat Macunda
  • Manu Chao will return to the U.S.! After a successful tour last year, the ex-frontman for Mano Negra will make a variety of appearances in the States including the Coachella and Bonnaroo music festivals. Me gustas tu, Manu!
Manu Chao – Rumba de Barcelona Seu Jorge – Brasis (YouTube video)
  • Unlike the previous acts, immigration problems may derail Rodrigo y Gabriela’s planned U.S. tour. The Mexican duo (by way of Ireland) had their visa renewal papers denied and this forced them to cancel several shows in the States. Unfortunately we’ll have to concur with Jennifer from VivirLatino who observed that “it looks it might be a while until we see Rodrigo y Gabriela stateside”.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Ixtapa

  • Lastly, we’re going to cheat a bit and mention classic British rockers The Who. Although preliminary reports mentioned that the group would be playing in Mexico City yesterday, The Who postponed their concert due to lead singer Roger Daltrey’s bronchitis.Bummer.

The Who – Baba O’ Riley (MP3 file via The Music Slut)

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