Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily Headlines: September 29, 2015

* Venezuela: The heated diplomatic crisis between Guyana and Venezuela stemming from offshore oil finds thawed after leaders of both states agreed to restore their respective ambassadors.

* Colombia:I was very happy and felt like I was part of it,” Pope Francis admitted yesterday over the transitional justice pact agreed upon by the Colombian government and FARC.

* Latin America: A new Pew Research Center survey found that a plurality of respondents view immigrants from Africa and Latin America favorably and more Asians than Latin Americans will migrate to the U.S. by 2065.

* U.S.: Salvadoran-born convicted serial killer Alfredo Prieto could soon become the first death row inmate to be executed in Virginia since January 2013.

YouTube Source – CCTV America

Online Sources – Reuters, The Latin Americanist, NPR, UPI, The Guardian

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