Monday, September 28, 2015

Daily Headlines: September 28, 2015

* Chile: Chile’s Foreign Minister rejected negotiating with Bolivia over the landlocked nation’s claim of access to the sea days after the International Court of Justice agreed to settle the territorial dispute.

* South America: Indigenous communities in countries like Peru, Colombia and Ecuador have accused groups that promote ayahuasca tourism of exploiting scared customs and shamelessly putting visitors at risk.

* Brazil: Residents of Rio de Janeiro’s Caju favela marched last week against alleged police abuse in the case of an eleven-year-old boy killed under unclear circumstances.

* Honduras: President Juan Hernandez will allow the U.N. to open a human rights ombudsman's office in Honduras with the aim of monitoring possible future violations by state security agents.

YouTube Source – Ruptly TV

Online Sources – Al Jazeera America, Yahoo News, Latin American Herald Tribune, Reuters

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