Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Daily Headlines: June 2, 2015

* U.S.: Roughly one out of every four victims of killed by police in the U.S. is Latino according to “an analysis of public records, local news reports and (The) Guardian reporting.”

* Venezuela: Several thousand people in Venezuela and in major cities participated in anti-government rallies on Saturday though the main opposition coalition abstained from participating.

* Cuba: The U.S. and Cuba are one step closer to reopening their respective embassies after the Caribbean island was removed last Friday from a blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism.

* Mexico: Roberta Jacobson, the highest-ranking State Department official for Latin America, will reportedly be nominated as the next U.S. ambassador to Mexico.

YouTube Source – The Times of India (“Several Pasco residents who watched the video of an undocumented orchard worker from Mexico get shot and killed by police on Feb. 10 are still shocked and bewildered by what it shows, even if they first saw it more than a week ago.”)

Online Sources – The Guardian, The Huffington Post, NPR, The Hill

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