Thursday, April 2, 2015

Daily Headlines: April 2, 2015

* Cuba: According to a new poll a majority of Cuban-Americans support the White House’s push to normalize diplomatic ties with Cuba and back the easing of travel restrictions.

* U.S.: Influential Latino Senator Bob Menendez is expected to face a judge today after he was indicted on Wednesday on fourteen federal corruption charges.

* Panama: As many as 120,000 employees working on the expansion of the Panama Canal who reportedly have not been paid their full wages could soon go on strike.

* Mexico: At least four people died and more than 300 were evacuated from an offshore oil platform run by Mexican state-run company Pemex that exploded.

YouTube Source – Associated Press (“Cuban and U.S. delegations on Tuesday ended a preparatory meeting for holding future negotiations on human rights without setting a date, agenda or host for those talks.”)

Online Sources – Politico, teleSUR English, The Atlantic, ABC News

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