Monday, March 30, 2015

Today’s Video: Swept Away

According to a 2014 Global Witness report, attacks against environmental activists worldwide has “soared dramatically” over the last few years. Latin America has not been an exception to this and, hence, this week we will look at several environmentalists murdered in the region.

Costa Rican conservationist Jairo Mora Sandoval would have been 28-years-old on March 27th. Yet in May 2013 he was kidnapped along with four other volunteers while trying to protect endangered sea turtle eggs. The other hostages were able to escape yet authorities hours after his abduction found his bound and beaten corpse.

Mora’s death shined a light on the work of animal rights supporters in Costa Rica including facing constant death threats and harassment from poachers and local drug traffickers. Seven suspects in Mora’s murder were arrested two months after he was killed but they were acquitted earlier this year when most of the evidence implicating the defendants was “either lost or excluded.” Nevertheless, campaigners vow to keep Mora’s legacy alive and continue seeking justice for someone seen as “an environmental martyr” in Costa Rica.

Below the page break is a short video on the late Jairo Mora Sandoval made in late 2013 including comments from some of his fellow coworkers.

YouTube Source – User TheDancingKinkajou

Online Sources – Outside Magazine, Tico Times, CBS News

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