Friday, October 17, 2014

Daily Headlines: October 17, 2014

* Argentina: Officials in the city of Santa Fe started a three-month ban on all sales of guns and ammunition in order to curb a “surge in violent crime reflected in 117 homicides so far this year.”

* Caribbean: Jamaica, Haiti and at least two other Caribbean countries have instituted travel bans against visitors from three African countries most affected by an Ebola outbreak while Colombia has reportedly been the only state to donate to a U.N. fund to combat the disease.

* Brazil: Police in Brazil were said to have captured a self-confessed serial killer who claimed the lives of thirty-nine people over three years.

* Venezuela: Venezuela was elected to a two-year post on the U.N. Security Council after it ran unopposed for the single seat assigned to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Video Source – AFP via YouTube (Video uploaded in 2010).

Online Sources – BBC News; Colombia Reports; LAHT; Time; The Guardian

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