Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daily Headlines: October 16, 2014

* U.S.: Prolific Latina television and film actress Elizabeth Peña died at the age of 55 reportedly due to natural causes.

* Venezuela: Venezuela’s president alleged that a Colombian paramilitary group helped carry out the murder of ruling legislator Robert Serra and his companion Maria Herrera.

* Peru: According to the Peruvian government 1000 high-altitude lakes have appeared in the country since 1980 from glaciers melting due to climate change.

* Argentina: A Morgan Stanley report released this week concluded that Argentina “could become the next big thing in shale oil.”

Video Source – YouTube user GeniusInMotionInc (Recently deceased actress Elizabeth Peña participated in numerous movies and TV series including “La Bamba,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Modern Family” and “American Dad”.)

Online Sources – The Huffington Post; Reuters; ABC News; Business Insider

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