Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Headlines: September 26, 2013

* Guatemala: Julio Ligorria, Guatemala's ambassador to the U.S., said that his country would try to complete all pending adoptions by U.S. couples by the end of this year.

* Cuba: According to new government data, approximately 183,000 Cubans were able to legally travel abroad since a migratory reform law took effect in January.

* Venezuela: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that he would skip attending the U.N. General Assembly due to alleged threats against his life.

* Honduras: A poll released yesterday showed that Xiomara Castro, the wife of ousted ex-President Manuel Zelaya, and Congressional chief Juan Hernandez are in a statistical tie in the race to become the next Honduran president.

Video Source – YouTube via The New York Times (Video uploaded in December 2012).

Online Sources- ABC News; Bernama; Reuters

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