Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daily Headlines: September 23, 2013

* Latin America: Prolific Colombian poet Alvaro Mutis died at the age of 90 in Mexico City while 73-year-old dissident Cuban economist Oscar Espinosa Chepe passed away in Spain.

* Vatican: Pope Francis, whose ancestors left Italy for Argentina roughly a century ago, called for "the elimination of prejudices and presuppositions" against migrants and refugees.

* South America: Scientists in Paraguay and Uruguay are said to be working on the development of $1 early detection test for congenital syphilis, which is a disease that affects some three million people in Latin America.

* U.S.: Were the visits made by New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio to Cuba and Nicaragua in his youth a cause for alarm or much ado about nothing?

Video Source – YouTube via user Cadena3Noticias

Online Sources- The Guardian; LAHT; NBC News; Reuters AlertNet; NY1

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