Friday, June 28, 2013

Daily Headlines: June 28, 2013

* Puerto Rico: “Puerto Ricans don't want to be a U.S. state,” declared Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla even though a majority of the island’s voters backed statehood in a non-binding plebiscite held last November.
* Brazil: At least six people died in ongoing street protests against government corruption, misspending of public funds and public transit fare hikes.

* Venezuela: Several Venezuelan press groups are none too pleased that the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez was posthumously given a top journalism award.

* Peru: Archeologists uncovered artifacts from roughly 1200 years ago in a royal tomb that belonged to the pre-Incan Wari empire.

Video Source – YouTube via Democracy Now

Online Sources- ABC News (U.S. and Australia); BBC News; GlobalPost; The Latin Americanist

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