Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daily Headlines: June 25, 2013

* Bolivia: Inmates at Bolivia’s largest prison, the San Pedro in La Paz, are protesting after rumors emerged that a twelve-year-old girl was raped by prisoners and became pregnant.

* U.S.: Is a new TV drama about five Latina housekeepers who work for wealthy Beverly Hills employers reinforcing negative stereotypes against Latinas or much ado about nothing?

* England: Mónica Puig of Puerto Rico shocked fifth seed Sara Errani of Italy in straight sets at the first round of Wimbledon tennis tournament.

* Chile: Ex-leader and current presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet and HidroAysen manager Daniel Fernandez have butted heads regarding the viability of the major hydroelectric project.

Video Source – YouTube via user ejumeridian (Bolivia’s San Pedro prison, which has been the site of several riots like this one in 2009, is scheduled to be shutdown next month).

Online Sources- Reuters; BBC News; New York Daily News; The Guardian

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