Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daily Headlines: November 6, 2012

* Nicaragua: The U.S. State Department claimed, “disturbing practices have marred multiple recent Nicaraguan elections” that were dominated by candidates representing the ruling Sandinista party.

* Chile: Defense Minister Andres Allamand and Public Works Minister Laurence Golborne left their posts and will likely launch their campaigns for the next year’s presidential election.

* Argentina: Leandro Favio, one of Argentina’s most well known cultural figures, died on Monday at the age of 74.
* Honduras: At least three people died over a conflict regarding land rights in the town of Tocoa.

Video Source – YouTube via user canalNTN24 (At leas three people died in violence after Sunday’s municipal elections in Nicaragua.)

Online Sources- Businessweek, BBC News, Huffington Post, Fox News Latino

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