Monday, September 3, 2012

Daily Headlines: September 3, 2012

* Mexico: While members of Mexico’s Caravan for Peace anti-violence campaign continued their trek across the U.S., Mexican President Felipe Calderon claimed that crime has been “confronted decisively” under his administration.

* Venezuela: Nicia Maldonado, Venezuela’s Minister of Indigenous Peoples, claimed that government investigators found no evidence of an alleged massacre committed against the Yanomami community.

* Guatemala: Swiss police arrested Erwin Sperisen, former chief of Guatemala’s national police, who is accused of being involved in the extra-judicial killing of six prisoners in 2006.

* Peru: The government lifted a state of emergency in three provinces that was imposed in July when five people died in violent protests.

Video Source – YouTube via Univision News (Author turned activist Javier Sicilia leads the Caravan for Peace tour that started nearly a month ago)

Online Sources- Chicago Tribune, The Telegraph, Bernama, CNN, ABC News

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