Friday, June 15, 2012

Daily Headlines: June 15, 2012

* Latin America: The U.S. military is reportedly looking into using unmanned aerial vehicles or “drones” in Latin America, while Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez confirmed that his country is constructing drones.

* Mexico: Crime reporter Victor Baez became the ninth journalist killed in Veracruz over the past eighteen months after he was kidnapped and murdered this week.

* Cuba: The Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation alleged that over four hundred arbitrary political arrests were committed last month.

* U.S.: A coalition of evangelical groups that includes several Latino religious leaders announced a campaign advocating for widespread immigration reform.

Video Source – YouTube via bornfree138 (The U.S. Border Patrol have used unmanned aerial vehicles or “drones” in recent months along the U.S.-Mexico border).

Online Sources- Reuters,, BBC News, LAHT, Huffington Post

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