Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily Headlines: June 13, 2012 (Updated)

* Cuba: The U.S. State Department and several Cuban-American legislators are concerned over the supposed detainment and “physical assault” of Cuban authorities against dissident activist Jorge Luis García "Antúnez".

(Update: Cuban police freed García after he spent four days in a local jail. He remarked to the EFE news agency that police "violently" arrested him on charges of "spreading false news, resistance, disobedience and assault." García accused police of beating and insulting him during part of his detention).

* Central America: According to the Salvadoran press two of the country’s largest street gangs, the Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18, might be increasing their presence in nearby Belize.

* Haiti: At least eleven Haitian migrants died on Sunday after the boat they were traveling in capsized off the Bahamian coast.

* Mexico: President Felipe Calderon said that European plans to help out beleaguered Spanish banks should be “firmed up quickly.

Video Source – YouTube via RadioRepublicaCuba (At least thirteen Cuban dissidents reportedly held a peaceful march in Havana this week calling for the release of activist Jorge Luis García "Antúnez").

Online Sources (including Update) - AFP, Reuters, Insight Crime, Miami Herald, Fox News Latino

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