Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nuestro Cine: Wedding Bell Blues

Indie filmmakers have increasingly sought the use of websites such as Kickstarter to help finance and support their plans.  But might this also be a useful resource for up-and-coming Latino and Latin American auteurs?  We will briefly look at one example today.

The following is the trailer to "After the Wedding," a drama/comedy film in the works that looks at traditional love in a modern age through the experiences of a newlywed couple: 

"After the Wedding" is an appealing project with an interesting plot, a largely Latino cast and is also written, directed and produced by three Latina sisters.  Yet for the movie to become a reality the film’s creators are seeking donations via Kickstarter and today is the deadline for funding. 

As of the time of this post over sixty percent of the $75,000 goal has been pledged to fund "After the Wedding."  Thus it remains to be seen if in the upcoming hours the project can reach its aim and the film can go into production this summer.  The campaign for "After the Wedding" can already be viewed as a success, however, since it raised awareness of a proposal that would’ve been largely unknown had it not been for Kickstarter.

Video Source – Vimeo via After the Wedding

Online Sources – Kickstarter, Los Angeles Times

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