Thursday, February 23, 2012

World Watch: Criminal Minds

* Syria: President Bashar al-Assad and other members of his regime may be responsible for “widespread human rights violations” and possible crimes against humanity according to a U.N. report issued on Thursday.

* World: German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked for forgiveness for the state’s role in botching up the investigation into a “neo-Nazi killing spree”, while U.S. President Barack Obama apologized for the burning of copies of the Koran at a military base in Afghanistan.

* India: The government has come under fire for opposing and then backing a Supreme Court ruling that decriminalizes gay sex.

* Somalia: Representatives from over fifty countries are meeting in London in order to discuss the security and future of Somalia.

Video Source– YouTube via Associated Press (“Amateur footage purportedly showing more shelling in the Baba Amr area of Homs, Syria was posted on the internet by activists on Thursday.”)

Online Sources – Voice of America, IOL, BusinessWeek, BBC News, The Guardian

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