Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend World Watch: Intervention

* Uganda: U.S. president Barack Obama announced that 100 troops and military advisers will be sent to Uganda in order to combat the Lord's Resistance Army rebels.

* Yemen: At least twelve people at an anti-government rally were shot and killed by “security forces and plain-clothed government loyalists.”

* U.S.: A federal judge recommended that Al-Qaeda pay $9 billion for “property loss, business interruption, and related damages, and attest that these damages were directly caused by the September 11th terrorist attacks.”

* Liberia: Opposition candidates threatened with withdrawing from the presidential elections due to alleged electoral fraud favoring recent Nobel Peace laureate and current president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Video Source –Via YouTube user AlJazeeraEnglish

Online Sources- Reuters, The Guardian, New York Daily News, BBC News

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