Monday, October 3, 2011

Today’s Video: Silence is golden

On Sunday several events where held throughout Mexico in order to honor the victims of the Tlatelolco massacre forty-three years ago. Perhaps the most poignant and appropriate commemoration was a silent march held at the site of the shootings at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City.

Estimates range from dozens to hundreds of people killed on October 1, 1968 after student marchers, passersby and residents were fired upon by troops. It was unclear who fired the first shot, yet once the initial shots rang out a military cordon surrounded the panicked multitude and prevented their escape from the plaza. The shooting lasted for two hours and occurred days before the start of the Summer Games.

As we mentioned three years ago in a post on the massacre, "justice has been far from served" in the decades since the infamous incident. Other then the brief house arrest of then-interior minister Luis Echeverria no former senior government or military officials have been tried for their possible roles in the massacre. Despite the impunity, Mexicans continue to remember and reflect upon one of the grimmest days in the country's history.
Video Source - RT via YouTube

Online Sources - Radio Netherlands Worldwide, BBC News, NPR, The Latin Americanist

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