Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nuestro Cine: Churrasco western

Argentine films “La Historia Oficial (“The Official Story”) and "El Secreto de sus Ojos" ("The Secret In Their Eyes") have been the only Latin American movies to win the best foreign film prize at the Academy Awards. Could an atypical western become the third Argentine movie to win the coveted statuette?

On first glance “Aballay, El Hombre Sin Miedo” (Aballay, The Man Without Fear”) appears to be an average western though much like “El Secreto…” it may be interpreted as a psychological drama. The titular character is a gaucho, or typical Argentine cowboy, who first met a child named Julian who he met as a boy hiding from the attackers of a stagecoach raid. Ten years later, Julian plots for revenge against those who killed his parents in the raid and only Aballay, the saint-like protector of a town Julian stumbles upon, can help him. But Julian may’ve bargained for more than he can handle with Aballay who was haunted by his chance meeting with Julian as a child.

“Aballay…” was a surprise choice to represent Argentina for the top foreign film Oscar and was picked ahead of the comedy “Un cuento Chino” (“Chinese Takeaway”). Despite only 20,000 people seeing “Aballay…” during its first month in the theaters, the film received plenty of critical praise as well as recognition in local film festivals. “Aballay…” may be a long shot to be nominated for the Oscar but that should not detract from a well-acted and shot film set in the mountains and deserts of Tucuman province:

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