Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daily Headlines: October 26, 2011

General Assembly
* Cuba: For the twentieth consecutive year the U.N. General Assembly called for an end to the decades-long U.S. economic embargo on Cuba.

* Paraguay: Will Paraguay seek military aid from neighboring Brazil in order to combat the growing threat of guerilla activity?

* Venezuela: The outgoing Commissioner for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights slammed criticism of the body from the Venezuelan government.

* Mexico: According to a joint report between the U.N. and the Organization of American States, Mexico is the world’s fifth-most dangerous country for journalists.

Image Source – Flickr user Jay Reed (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Online Sources - CTV News, El Universal, UPI, CNN

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Anonymous said...

From de Clermont - Regarding the US embargo against Cuba, I am proud that the USA continues it. It is the only country, whatever its motivation, that is in the right. Castro is a slavemaster and the Cubans are slaves. Slavery was oulawed in the Western Hemisphere 160 yearas ago. If the world could unite against apartheid South Africa, why not against Cuba. Cuba is WORSE than apartheid South Africa.Shame on Europe and LatAm for supporting a repressive and undemocratic regime and for allowing their citizens to travel to Cuba and gift their money to Fidel.