Monday, September 26, 2011

Today’s Video: Ricas pupusas!

Perhaps the best-known street food vendors in New York City are the hot dog carts that dot hundreds of locations in Manhattan. Yet New York street food purveyors can be found throughout the five boroughs selling all types of wonderful delicacies including dishes from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Brooklyn-based Solber Pupusas won top honors at the latest edition of the Vendy Awards held last weekend. "Representing anyone who has tried hard and started from, I guess, the very bottom, literally with an old van, with a table with second, third-hand wares," said Cesar Fuentes of Solber Pupusas to NY1.

So what are pupusas? They are the national dish of El Salvador and they appear similar to the stuffed arepas one might find in Colombian/Venezuelan cuisine. In the right hands and with the right cooking, however, pupusas are an absolute delight as one can see in this video of Solber Pupusas:

Video Source – Vendy Awards via YouTube

Online Sources- NY1, The Latin Americanist

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Senor Pescador said...

love it, Viva El Salvador y la gente mas trabajadores en EL MUNDO