Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today’s Video: All ashore

Mexican tourism officials have expressed shock at the recent decision by Princess Cruises to pull out of making stops in Puerto Vallarta. A report by the federal government found that the "North Coast" region that includes Puerto Vallarta has been hit hard by criminal activity. Yet senior Mexican tourism official Rodolfo Lopez Negrete observed that:

"Mexico is a very large country," he notes. "If there are some episodes of violence up in the hills of the state of Jalisco that doesn't mean that Puerto Vallarta is an unsafe place for tourists."

Lopez Negrete draws a comparison with Los Angeles, which he notes is considered a safe tourism destination despite recurring violence in some areas of the city that aren't near the places that tourists go.

"If they kill 100 people in East L.A. that doesn't mean that I shouldn't go to Los Angeles," he says.

The following video from Al Jazeera English delves into more detail over the tourism concerns in Mexico. What do you think about the topic?

Video Source - Al Jazeera English via YouTube
Online Sources - El Informador, USA TODAY


Senor Pescador said...

Viva Mexico

conocia, viajando sobre todo casi, desde 1977, cual es la problemo?

LaMareada said...

Without the cruise ships I'm more likely to visit PV or Mazatlan. Had a wonderful time in Puebla and Mexico City last year.