Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today’s Video: Animal nitrate

What do undocumented immigrants have in common with animals? For Mexican artist Fernando Aceves Humana, creatures forced out of their natural habitats are a metaphor for migrants who move to another location with a distinct culture. "It's a parallel with immigration, with those who see us as freaks and the fear of something different," said Aceves Humana at the opening on Thursday of his new exhibit in Bangkok, Thailand.

The following video via the EFE news agency shows some of Aceves Humana's artwork as part of the "At Risk" exhibit. Judge for yourself if his metaphor is appropriate or off the mark.

Online Source - El Universal
Video Source - EFE via YouTube

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Senor Pescador said...

sawa dee kra,
excelenete artista y que bien de mensaje
Viva El Frente