Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daily Headlines: May 10, 2011

* Cuba: Cubans may be permitted to travel abroad as tourists based on a set of economic guidelines published yesterday by the island’s authorities.

* Puerto Rico: Will U.S. audiences be receptive to a planned English-language album by Puerto Rico’s Calle 13?

* Ecuador: President Rafael Correa and opposition groups are in a war of words after the results of a referendum on a number of government-backed reforms appears to have been closer than initially reported.

* South America: According to the Global Integrity Report released last week Peru and Argentina are among the most improved countries in combating corruption.

Image – AP via CBS News (“An unidentified man reads a copy of the document explaining the guidelines and economic changes that were approved at last month's Communist Party Congress, in Havana, Cuba, Monday May 9, 2011.”)
Online Sources- Global Integrity Report, Xinhua, Fox News Latino, AFP

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