Tuesday, April 19, 2011

De Musica Ligera: Feliz aniversário, O Rei!

Today is the seventieth birthday of Roberto Carlos, one of Brazil’s premier singers and composers of the past several decades. He is best known for his adult contemporary hits during the 1970s and 80s including “Amigo” and “Cama y Mesa”. Yet it was in his early years where he was a key member of the “Jovem Guarda” (“Young Guard”) musical genre, which would serve as the precursor to the popular Brazilian music (MPB) movement.

Unfortunately numerous celebrations for have been put on hold since he has been mourning the death of his eldest stepdaughter last Friday. (This came almost a year since his mother, Laura Moreira Braga, died at the age of 96). Despite such difficult personal setbacks, Carlos continues to forge ahead with his musical career that has spanned over fifty years.

Pele may’ve earned the nickname of "O Rei" (“The King”) for his prowess on the soccer field though the same nickname has been given to Roberto Carlos. It’s a deserved label for such a prolific and well-respected musician whose influence throughout the Americas cannot be overlooked.

The following comes from the early 1970s and is, in my view, one of his most underrated hits: “Se eu pudesse voltar no tempo” (“If I could turn back time”).

Video Source - YouTube
Online Sources- eBand, La Republica, Jornal O Norte

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