Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily Headlines: April 20, 2011

* Cuba: While Fidel Castro made a surprise appearance deemed by blogger Yoani Sanchez as “a great public requiem”, U.S. officials urged more freedoms for Cubans.

* Peru: Conservative presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori tried to appeal to moderate Peruvians by “swearing to God” that she would not grant a pardon to her disgraced father, ex-president Alberto Fujimori.

* Argentina: Fuel shortages could hit Argentines this Easter weekend due to a twenty-day strike haling output of the country’s largest oil producer.

* Haiti: President-elect Michel Martelly is expected to meet with World Bank and IMF officials as well as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during his visit this week to Washington.

Image – Javier Galeano/AP via The Guardian (“Fidel and Raúl Castro at the Cuban communist party congress in Havana”. Fidel’s unannounced appearance included his relinquishing of all party and state posts for the first time in decades.)
Online Sources- Huffington Post, AFP, ABC-CBN News, MarketWatch, Voice of America


Kamper said...

The fuel strike in Argentina has ended. The sector reached an agreement with the government and fuel supplies are guaranteed.

Erwin C. said...

Do you have a citation/source for that? From what I've read in the Argentine press, union and company officials reached a deal but it was not ratified by the strikiing workers.