Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily Headlines: February 17, 2011

* U.S.: Congrats to Latina civil rights pioneer Sylvia Mendez who was one of fifteen recipients of the Medal of Freedom this week.

* Ecuador: A small population of Ecuadorians with a dwarfism disorder may hold clues in the prevention of age-related diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

* Latin America: In its annual report the Committee to Protect Journalists decried "a rise in censorship” in Latin America by “government repression, judicial interference, and intimidation from criminal groups."

* Haiti: Will an endorsement by musician Wyclef Jean provide a boost to the campaign of presidential candidate Michel Martelly?

Image – Olivier Douliery, McClatchy-Tribune via The Orange County Register (“President Barack Obama presents human rights activist Sylvia Mendez with the 2010 Medal of Freedom in a ceremony in the East Room of the White House on Tuesday.”)
Online Sources- NPR, Reuters, San Jose Mercury News

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