Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Headlines: February 15, 2011

* Argentina: A diplomatic row is developing after Argentina seized the cargo of a U.S. military plane allegedly containing arms and surveillance equipment.

* U.S.: An anti-immigrant “border vigilante” was convicted for murdering a nine-year-old child during a botched home invasion.

* Peru: A dispute lasting over a century may come to a close after Yale University pledged to return hundreds of artifacts taken from Machu Picchu.

* Honduras: Investigators are looking into what caused a plane crash that killed fourteen people.

* Mexico: At least eighteen people were killed yesterday in a town located in the northern Mexico state of Tamaulipas.

* Cuba: A pair of Cuban-American senators is trying to tighten travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba.

Image – Press TV
Online Sources- ABC News, UPI, tampabay.com, MSNBC, Xinhua, BBC News

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