Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Headlines: February 11, 2010

* Argentina: According to documents released by WikiLeaks U.S. diplomats believed that corruption in Argentina was widespread and implicated senior officials including the late President Nestor Kirchner.

* Mexico: President Felipe Calderon admitted earlier this week that the government needs to “improve much more in the treatment of migrants” that travel through Mexico.

* Central America: U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield said that the Obama administration is contemplating a $200 million anti-drugs plan for Central America.

* Uruguay: The government announced plans to expand the use of wind farms, which can supply an estimated 25% of Uruguay’s electricity by 2015.

Image – Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images via The Guardian (“WikiLeaks has released several thousand of about 250,000 classified US embassy cables.”)
Online Sources- The Globe and Mail, People’s Daily Online, LAHT, MercoPress

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