Friday, November 19, 2010

Daily Headlines: November 19, 2010

* Dominican Republic: Rest in peace Freddy Beras Goico; the iconic comedian and TV personality died yesterday several days shy of what would’ve been his seventieth birthday.

* Uruguay: An amnesty law that has protected members of Uruguay’s former military junta has also "stood in the way of bringing to account those who were responsible for the abuses," according to remarks by Argentine poet Juan Gelman to IPS.

* Bolivia: President Evo Morales proposed nationalizing the Bolivian pensions system in addition to lowering the retirement age to 58.

* Mexico: Eleven suspected drug gang members were killed during a shootout with Mexican soldiers near the country’s border with the U.S.

Image – AP via Houston Chronicle (Image of Freddy Beras Goico from 2009. Dominicans worldwide mourned the death of the iconic figure who passed away in a New York hospital yesterday).
Online Sources- MSNBC, Reuters, IPS, Dominican Today

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