Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today’s Video: The horror of Carandiru

October 2nd is an infamous date in Mexican history since it was on that day in 1968 that the Tlateloco massacre took place. Several hundred demonstrators were believed to have been killed by government troops in Mexico City only days before the Summer Olympics were to begin. The massacre would lead into a "dirty war" that was smaller in scope compared to later efforts in Argentina and Chile but would still be repressive against government opposition.

Nearly a quarter of a century after the Tlateloco massacre another mass killing would shock Brazilians.

1992 was a dark year for Brazil with the shameful resignation of President Fernando Collor de Mello and the senseless murder of actress Daniela Perez. Yet the lowest point was eighteen years ago today when 111 inmates were slain in the Carandiru Penitentiary. Military police were accused of killing most of the prisoners while trying to control a riot in the overpopulated facility. Ex-police chief Ubiratan Guimaraes was convicted in a 2001 trial where eyewitnesses and forensic experts claimed that troops killed inmates execution-style and even those who had surrendered. Guimaraes' conviction would be overturned in 2006 and no other officials since then have been punished for the Carandiru massacre.

Carandiru was demolished in 2002 and a public park currently sits on the site of what had once been South America's largest prison complex. The memories of the “biggest act of cowardice committed by the Brazilian State against the imprisioned population in the country's history” still lingers, as one blogger said in 2008.

The following video from VBS (via CNN) shows how former Carandiru guard Ronaldo Mazotto de Lima has saved thousands of pieces of evidence documenting the 1992 massacre. Some of the images in the clip are violent and Not Safe For Work though Mazotto believes that they are needed in order to preserve the infamy of Carandiru:

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