Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colombia, Mexico Recover from Landslide

Two countries are reeling from landslides that hit this week.

In Colombia, a landslide buried 30 people Monday.

Rescue workers said that they have no hope to find survivors who were buried under 3.5 million cubic feet of earth.

"There is no hope," Jorge Humberto Moreno Salazar, a spokesman for the governor, told newspaper El Espectador. "There are tons of rocks on these people."

The BBC reports that bus passengers were walking across a road that was blocked from a previous landslide. President Juan Manuel Santos said people had been warned to stay away from the site.

In Mexico, after admitting that initial reports exaggerated the number of people missing, officials estimated that three adults and eight children were missing and ten houses were destroyed.


Photo: AFP

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