Thursday, July 29, 2010

World Watch: No bull? No bull!

* Spain: Catalonia became the first mainland Spanish region to ban bullfighting in a decision seen by some as a “political statement” of local independence.

* Russia: President Dmitry Medvedev signed a new law permitting Russia’s intelligence agency to detain “people suspected of preparing acts of extremism.”

* Pakistan: At least 100 people died and thousands were left homeless as a result of monsoons and heavy flooding.

* Afghanistan: Pentagon officials were none too pleased over the publishing of secret files on the Afghanistan conflict by the Wikileaks website.

Image – MSNBC
Online Sources- Xinhua, Ottawa Citizen, BBC News, The Guardian

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Anonymous said...

from de Clermont - regarding the banning of bull fights in Catalonia, it is bittersweet. The pageantry of the bullfight is a visually majestuous event that harkens back to another time, unfortunately, the painful physical teasing and tortuous treatment of the bull is not humane for any sentient being. Tauromaquia can no longer be allowed to continue - with a tear in my eye I admit it. I hope other Spanish regions will follow the Catalans' lead.