Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Headlines: May 12, 2010

* U.S.: Politics can be an ugly game. Just ask Mari Carmen Aponte whose nomination as ambassador to El Salvador has been held up due to her former fling with a Cuban-born businessman.

* Venezuela: Via his Twitter account President Hugo Chavez announced that he would sign $40 billion in investment deals with foreign oil firms.

* Brazil: Ronaldinho and Adriano are two of the notable absences from Brazil’s preliminary World Cup roster.

* Bolivia: One of Bolivia’s leading labor unions is spearheading an indefinite work strike against the Morales government.

Image – Hispanic National Bar Association (Senate Republicans claimed that Mari Carmen Aponte’s previous relationship with Roberto Tamayo raises red flags).
Online Sources- Miami Herald, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, ESPN

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Anonymous said...

de Clermont - Regarding Hug(eg)o Chavez, he has already signed dozens of accords for investment and promised participation for development. Where are the results? More hot air from the regions' large and most prolific wind bag. If the situation for the country were not now so pathetic, he would be a major target of laugh-out-loud derision.