Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please help Chile! (Updated)

Update: The comprehensive ChileAyuda website has two more ways you can donate to Chilean earthquake relief efforts.

Numerous heavy aftershocks and the possibilities of more tidal waves have placed Chileans on high alert. With the death toll expected to grow past the official count of 800, a heavy emotional toll burdens those fortunate enough to be alive:

Acording to Chilean blog Datéate, there are several ways people living abroad can help the victims of the recent earthquake. Here’s a translation of part of their Spanish-language post:
If you’re reading this note from abroad and wish to help you can:

Donate dollars to the Fundación Un Techo para Chile, Account Number 0-051-000-8500-5 from Banco Santander Chile, RUT 65.533.130-1, Swift: BSCHCLRM, Address: Bandera 140, Santiago de Chile.

Intermediary bank Account number 2000192290409 Wachovia Bank N.A. (N. York) Swift: PNBPUS3NNYC, ABA: 026005092.

For transfers from Europe the intermediary bank is Santander Central Hispano S.A. (Madrid), Swift: BSCHESMM, Iban: ES 4200 495494852910148818.

UNICEF and Direct Relief International created a site for foreign donations: Aid can also be given via Citibank, account number 9941973331, ABA Code :021000089, 153 East 53rd Street 4th floor. New York, NY 10022.

Text messages can also be sent from the U.S. by typing “CHILE” to 20222 or 25383. Each message dontates $10 to Habitat for Humanity or World Vision, respectively.
Please help anyway you can to our Chilean brothers and sisters. (Let's not forget that Haitians still need our assistance).

Animo Chile!

Online Sources- Datéate, YouTube, La Tercera, Xinhua


Boehmaya said...

This is the right message we should struggle to spread, breaking the mainstream media barrier (which mostly reports looting, criminalizing a population in need, when clearly aid has not reached anyone. In fact CBS reported that aid has started being handed out til TODAY, three days after the earthquake! .

It's very sad to see that the international community has not reacted as fast towards the Chilean devastation as with Haiti and I wonder if some news outlets spreading informations on how Chile is self-sufficient and equipped to handle this disaster has to do with it or perhaps government officials making statements of this sort? (Not Bachelet though, since she has asked repeatedly for help). Or is it the geographical proximity of Haiti to the US/Europe/rest of Latin America the factor that facilitated the aid? They need mobile hospitals and the people who have nothing now need food, but what happened with the fund raising efforts and media and celebrities raising awareness and money to send? What happened with the United Nations, Doctors without Borders, and all of those who offered their help in Haiti? Where are the governments sending their aid (not troops)?

Chile is a strong economy in relation to the rest of latin america, but that doesn't mean the country can take all this alone, not even the US could with Hurricane Katrina, let alone an 8.8 earthquake affecting a poorer country.

I really wonder why this is happening.... disturbing..

Boehmaya said...

PS: Banco Santander and banks in general are NOT a good source to send money to. In Haiti Spanish banks were involved in a scandal because they were charging commisions, in which 7 Euros out of 10 were being charged for the transaction.

Erwin C. said...

If banks are not reliable and honest for donations (in your view) then what would you recommend?