Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TSA agents ill over Honduran-made unis

Some stories speak for themselves:
Some Transportation Security Administration workers are reporting severe skin rashes, lightheadedness, swelling and redness in and around the eyes and lips as a result of the blue uniforms TSA officers started wearing this summer, according to the union representing the workers...

According to workers who have seen their doctors, the problems are caused by the formaldehyde used in the manufacturing process of the uniforms. Formaldehyde is also used by clothing makers to prevent mildew and keep fabric stain-and-wrinkle free.

Workers have noticed that uniforms imported from Mexico do not seem to cause rashes, as opposed to uniforms from Honduras. [ed. Emphasis added]
After hearing the news, a coalition of weary travelers sick of having to constantly remove their shoes and being manhandled by TSA agents has sent thank-you cards to thousands of Honduran uniform makers.*

*No, not really. But if you've ever been hassled at a security checkpoint you may wish it were true.

Image- Chicago Sun-Times
Online Sources- Chicago Sun-Times

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