Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Critics blast Homeland Security reality show

Last night was the debut episode of a reality show that looks at the work of Department of Homeland Security officers. The show may turn out to be a hit, yet critical reception to “Homeland Security USA” has been largely negative. Here are a few choice quotes from some critics:
It's doubtful that very many viewers will feel more secure after witnessing that and other Keystone Kop-like operations; there's little about "Homeland Security USA" that's warmly reassuring in the post-9/11 world …Even if it's better to be safe than sorry, however, "Homeland" still seems a sorry excuse for a television show.
If a TSA agent cries after making you take off your shoes or throw away expensive makeup, will you still be mad at him?
Not particularly exciting, and it does occasionally feel like a commercial for the government agencies that helped produce it. But it is nominally instructive and engaging.
While we're all used to these sometimes silly, sometimes humiliating, often over-the-top but usually necessary security measures imposed since 9/11 that are about as much fun as a two-hour MRI…But are these measures worth a whole series? Not really.
At first, the show has the feel of a glitzy public service announcement or a fast-paced recruitment video. But within minutes, the feverish pitch slows slightly to show off the unprecedented access given to ABC's producers.
While “Homeland Security” displays the dedication of agents, it also quite inadvertently could be giving tips to train a better class of criminal.
Did you watch “Homeland Security USA”; if so what did you think of it?

Image- New York Times
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