Monday, September 8, 2008

De Musica Ligera: New Juanes song hits radio

A new single from Colombian rockero/humanitarian Juanes was released to radio on Monday. The tune entitled “Odio por Amor” will be released as part of an upcoming album according to an e-mail sent to us by his PR team:
Recorded in August and set for inclusion in a planned special/expanded edition release of La Vida… es Un Ratico in November, “Odio por Amor” is an instantly classic Juanes anthem in the vein of “A Dios Le Pido”. The just released track finds Juanes giving a heartfelt appeal that we re-evaluate our approach to relationships – whether it be an exchange between lovers, family or even nations. The universal need for this simple but vital reminder to exchange love for hate is reinforced by Juanes, for the first time-ever, singing the song’s chorus in both Spanish and English – with the engaging refrain of “Es tiempo de cambiar / It's time to change.”
The song can be heard here via Juanes’ lone English-language lyrics don’t sound out of tune with the rest of the song, while the tune itself is more “pop” than “rock.” All-in-all it’s a good song.

Have you listened to “Odio por Amor”? If so, what did you think of it?

Image- New York Daily News
Sources- The Latin Americanist,,


Allen and Sandi Smith said...

I've listened to the song twice and I really like Juanes new song! The melody is immediately catchy, it has good dynamics of building at appropriate times. The instrumentation expresses hope and vision. I also thought it was an interesting touch in an ever increasing global community for Juanes to continually flip English con español.

Though I agree with Juanes that it is tiempo de cambiar, the only question that I have it: ¿How? ¿Can everyone really just stop hating others all by themselves? The problem seems to run much deeper. And I don't have the power of myself to merely make a decision to start loving everyone. Life is much more complicated than that. So in this sense, though I like the musicality of the song very much, the chorus is too simplistic.

Nevertheless, that I'll buy it when it comes out!

Greenotter said...

Although you used "out of tune" with a different meaning, speaking of out of tune, Juanes is one of the few singers at the Latin Grammy's that has no problem singing in tune. Some of them, like Jenni Rivera, I had to practically change the channel.

Since I love Spanish, and Juanes' commitment to singing in his own language, I don't mind if he never sings in English. However, given that he's probably the best pop singer there is, as far as I'm concerned, probably would be great for him to reach a wider audience.

Look forward to hearing his new song.

Unknown said...
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