Friday, March 21, 2008

Today’s Video: Juanes @ "Peace Without Borders"

We end this week’s slate of posts with Juanes singing at last Sunday’s Paz Sin Fronteras ("Peace Without Borders") concert. The Colombian was the mastermind of the historic concert after tensions flared in the region earlier this month over a Colombian military strike in Ecuadorian territory.

In the clip below, Juanes sings “A Dios le pido” but not before emphasizing that everyone’s there “as one” without differences in ideology, religion, and the like.

(Video link):

Previous videos this week:

More clips from the Paz Sin Fronteras concert can be accessed here.

Sources (English)- The Latin Americanist, International Herald Tribune, YouTube

Sources (Spanish)-

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Anil said...

nice video- peace w/o borders. I visited this blog during my research on Costa Rica HQ