Monday, March 17, 2008

Brazilian girl jailed for nearly a week

Brazilian law enforcement authorities are once again under fire after a twelve-year-old girl was held in a police cell near male inmates. A local judge let the girl go free on Monday after she was held for six days for hitting a police officer while being questioned:

According to local media reports, the girl went to the police station, in the town of Sidrolandia in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, to try and ensure that her boyfriend did not face any criminal charges.

However, while she was being questioned by the local police chief, he tried to take away her mobile phone, and she is alleged to have hit him in the eye.

The girl was arrested and placed in a police cell alongside others occupied exclusively by male prisoners.

Unfortunately, there have been other instances of underage girls being held in custody either next to or along with adult males in Brazil.

Sources (English)- BBC News, The Latin Americanist, 570 News

Sources (Portuguese)- JC Online, Mato Grosso Mais

Image- New York Times (“A girl who was abused by inmates at a jail in Brazil was embraced by her stepmother and mother [in November] after being freed.”)

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