Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cuban punk rocker arrested says bandmates

Cuban punk rock musician Gorki Aguila of band Porno Para Ricardo was detained by authorities according to members of his band. A statement on Porno Para Ricardo’s website said that police arrested Aguila in Havana while the band was recording their latest album. A more recent entry on the band’s site expressed worry that Aguila will be jailed for his beliefs:

Aguila was detained without motive several hours after his father found out that he would be put on trial for dangerous citizenry. (For those that don’t know that term, it has to do with a law that sanctions those convicted with one to four years of jail based solely on their political beliefs…

Gorki Aguila is about to be sentenced based on his real motive of expressing songs against the Cuban political system and his right to be human. [ed. personal translation]

Aguila’s criticism of the Cuban government was documented in a 2007 CNN interview where he observed that “communism is a failure.”


Sources (English)- CNN, UPI, BBC News

Sources (Spanish)- Porno Para Ricardo

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where is the outrage? The embargo doesn't work!