Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interpol: FARC comp docs are “authentic”

International police organization Interpol authenticated the files found on the laptops of a slain Colombian guerilla commander. The information- including parts which were leaked to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post– appears to seriously implicate Venezuela’s government with aiding and abetting the FARC rebel army.

Interpol’s finding will surely be used by the Colombian government to increase international pressure on Venezuela. Though the information refutes Venezuelan claims that the files were faked and doctored, Interpol head Ronald Noble warned that they did not analyze the content:

Mr. Noble said that deep forensic analysis showed Colombia did not modify, delete or create any files, although it did not always follow internationally accepted methods when handling the computers.

But he was quick to stress that the fact that the files had not been tampered with did not prove that the information contained within them was totally accurate.

Sources- Washington Post, Bloomberg, MSNBC, BBC News, The Latin Americanist

Image- Al Jazeera English (“[Raul] Reyes, Farc's second-in-command, was killed in March in Ecuador during a Colombian military raid [AFP]”)

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Hodad said...

cualquier persona edcucado que estas en de REd sabes que este 'laptop' se puede a tener los archivos manipulado

mas de la mierda de CIA, y todos involcrados con de otro lado en narcotraficking,
pill junkies and their prescribers then should be iilegal
hypocriticas son en todos partes

get off the TV,
de droga mas peor en el mundo