Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Emo harassment extends beyond Mexico

Recently, we mentioned a wave of attacks on young Mexicans who have immersed themselves in the “emo” culture. Unfortunately, the harassment of emo youth has shown up in other Latin American countries:

* According to NME.com, a Chilean TV station recently aired footage of a group of emos being attacked by skinheads.

* Several Peruvian bloggers have observed how the media tends to look down on emos including a “sketch of false cases” for a comedy program.

* A fifteen-year-old student was attacked and stabbed by a pair of his schoolmates in Bogota, Colombia. According to the mother of the victim, he was assaulted for being an emo:

“He dressed and had hair just like an emo. They said that he should stop being a chicken and fight like a man. But he always said that he wasn’t interested in arguing.” - [ed. Personal translation]

Sources (Spanish)- El Tiempo

Sources (English)- The Latin Americanist, Global Voices Online, NME.com

Image- USA TODAY (“Jose Luis Caballero, a 21-year-old self-described "Emo," hangs out in the Insurgentes Traffic Circle in Mexico City on April 7. Caballero said he has been threatened recently amid frictions between Mexico's multiplying youth movements.”)

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