Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cuban “reggaetonero” missing, maybe dead

One of Cuba’s top reggaeton artists has gone missing and is presumed dead after trying to migrate by sea. U.S. Coast Guard officials rescued fourteen people on the raft they shared with Elvis Manuel before it sank yet the singer is nowhere to be found.

Two Cubans have been detained by immigration authorities for heading the “ill-fated migrant smuggling mission” Manuel was on. According to one source, a pair of survivors blamed a Miami-based record label for trying to deceive Manuel:

(Alejandro "DJ Jerry" Rodriguez Lopez) said he and his friends were intrigued by fame and fortune.

"We were told we would be millionaires in two months," Rodriguez said. "They said we would be signed for about $25,000 each on arrival. I thought I would send my father $20,000 so he could build a palace in Cuba. That kind of money lasts forever here."

Elvis Manuel's mother, who also survived the voyage, said her son and his friends were "brainwashed" by tales of success across the Florida Straits. Nodarse, who managed her son's career, decided to make the journey with him.

"They filled his head with lies and promises," she said.

Executives at Millennium Records Entertainment Corp. have denied the accusations against them.

Sources- MSNBC, UPI,, South Florida Sun-Sentinel,

Image- South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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