Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cuba's New "Freedoms" Expand to Farming

Newfound "freedoms" in Cuba have now extended into the fields.
Post the Cuban Revolution, farming and the hands that worked the field were to move the Caribbean country forward. But hasn't bee realized according to some, including the Cuban government.
Government television said Tuesday that 51 percent of arable land is underused or fallow, a problem officials hope to rectify by temporarily transferring some of it to private farmers and associations representing small, private producers.
The president of Cuba's national farmers association, Orlando Lugo, said 'everyone who wants to produce tobacco will be given land to produce tobacco,' and it will be the same for coffee or anything else.
This is actually a program that began last year but was just recently announces, likely capitalizing on the press surrounding other "reforms".

Sources : The Latin Americanist, The Angry Indian

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